Customized Life Safety Systems
Designed to Meet Your Needs

Ensure complete protection with our technical expertise and objective recommendations.

Alarm and Detection

Fire alarm and detection systems are the cornerstone of any fire protection system. Trusted to provide advanced warning and evacuation in the event of a fire. The consequences of a malfunctioning fire alarm system can result in a devastating loss of life and property.

Whether you need a simple monitoring panel for a fire sprinkler system or a complex addressable system incorporating smoke and fan controls, rely on Cosco Fire Protection's experienced professionals to design, install, inspect and service the life safety system appropriate for your business facility.

Because we are not an equipment manufacturer, Cosco Fire Protection provides unbiased recommendations for the system that will best protect your people and facilities. Our customers receive the highest level of protection without the need to commit to a service provider that only offers proprietary equipment and software.

Design and Installation

Cosco Fire Protection's staff of fire alarm and detection specialists will complete a thorough analysis of your facility and integrate the proper alarm and detection elements into your fire protection system for a complete, comprehensive fire and life safety solution.

Our team of engineers and technicians can furnish your facility with the necessary alarm and detection equipment.

  • Conventional Detection Products
  • Addressable Detection Products
  • Audio/Visual Notification Appliances
  • Smoke and Fan Controls
  • Elevator Recall
  • UL Certification
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Fire Alarm System Networks
  • Test, Inspect and Monitoring Devices
  • Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Access Control and Security

Cosco Fire Protection represents a full range of respected independent manufacturers of alarm and detection solutions, including: Notifier, GE EST, Gamewell-FCI, Digitize, Bosch, Radionics, Fire-Lite, Silent Knight.

Our long-standing relationships with these manufacturers enable Cosco Fire Protection to recommend the best fire protection system for your business environment. Because we are not an equipment manufacturer, we offer unbiased recommendations based on the system to best protect your people and facilities.

Repair, Service and Inspect

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) mandates that fire alarm systems in protected premises be tested regularly. In addition, local fire codes and insurance companies may require more frequent testing. Cosco Fire Protection's staff of trained technicians can regularly test, inspect, service and repair your fire alarm system to meet all required codes and facility specifications.

Cosco Fire Protection also offers 24 hour central station monitoring that allows for the constant management of your systems. The entire system is programmed to communicate with the appropriate authority - the local fire department, our central station monitoring service, and your company representative - based on the type of trouble signal received.

Contact the district office most convenient to you or request a quote to learn how Cosco Fire Protection can be your ideal partner for the best fire protection and life safety services.